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Awaken One Home Remedies Newsletter!!!

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Red Rose Tea Benefits

When you think of the month of February, what do you think about? If you are like most people you might think of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is known as the day of love. The day for Roses, Carnations, and many other beautiful flowers.

Red Rose Tea is a great gift that also has many health benefits. If you are like most people you may think of a rose as just being a beautiful flower with a sweet smell.

There is more to the flower than you may be aware of. So exactly what are the benefits of drinking this tea? Read on and we’ll talk about it!


• Detoxifies the body the main ingredient in rose tea is an antioxidant called polyphenols. Polyphenols is a plant compound that can help with digestion, help promote a healthy liver, and is even said to help with any fluid buildup in your body.

• Menstrual Pain 50% of girls and women experience menstrual pain that comes with numerous other types of discomfort.

Drinking a cup of rose tea is a healthy alternative that may help ease some of the pain many women experience every month. It is quite common in Chinese Medicine to use rose tea to treat menstrual pain.

• Good for the skin Rose tea is packed with vitamins A & E which are helpful for your skin. These vitamins add moisture to dehydrated skin and can also help tighten the skin as well.

So, when you think of Rose buds, do not just think of it as a bud belonging to a beautiful flower. When you think of Red Rose Tea, think about it as being a warm beverage that can help improve your health.

Rose tea has all these amazing benefits plus many more. It is naturally caffeine free, and like all the teas at Awaken One Home Remedies, it is made with love which makes it taste even better!

Article written by Rashidah Ali - professional freelance writer for hire

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